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Mrs. Lori Dundore, Teacher/Director

My Name is Lori Dundore. I am married to my husband Craig and we have three beautiful children. My first child and only son is named Trevor, next is my daughter Alyssa and Kailyn is my youngest child. I graduated from SIUC with a degree in Early Childhood. This means I am able to teach children from infant to third grade. I taught for a few years after I finished school, mostly Kindergarten and then when I had my son took a break from work to be a full-time homemaker. When my youngest daughter was 3, I got the calling to teach at Tree of Life Lutheran Preschool and took the job. I really love working with young children and find that 3 year and 4 year olds are my favorite age to work with!

Mrs. Rachel Andrew, Teacher

Mrs. Rachel Bauer, Administrator

Aides: Mrs. Holly LaPlante, Mrs. Kelly Daugherty and Ms. Katie Ulwelling